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Regarding Unban Applications:
In short and sweet,
If you are banned fairly, then its permanent Ban.
Please Don't waste your time and our time if its fair ban.
NO matter what the ban is. WH, HH, Bulletproof, Aimbot, Ammo, Airbreak.
No kill reductions and unbanning is entertained.
If you feel your ban is unfair, then apply for it. If proved fair ban then sorry.


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Looks like vomit.
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lel iball

btw this isn t a map LOOOOOOL
what makes you think this is a map ?
It's like I give you Madd Dogg's Mansion pics and file
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guys there are no admins see that

yaolad el kalb!!!!
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[quote author=_Kira_ link=topic=25760.msg245650#msg245650 date=1411168858]
[quote author=[EC]Pinkyz_[ARG] link=topic=25760.msg245611#msg245611 date=1411149939]
Se, faltan los requisitos y todo eso pero me da la re paja.

Que lo haga vans o toxi, yo me maté haciendo esos separadores de mrd
Copienlo de algun clan, Solo cambia el idioma y demas, para que sea mas original, Es facil hacerlos, Mira los de Mex o EC para que se den una idea.

Yo sé perfectamente hacerlo. . .  ¿no sabes leer?, TENGO PAJA.

Después hago un calco que diga ACCEPTED