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[ANGEL] Clan || Questions | proposals | comments byGuns.And.Roses
[quote author=[ANGEL]Yeimy link=topic=10076.msg272741#msg272741 date=1448640620]
Hola chicos como estan?  ya estoy de vuelta, tengo todo lo necesario para jugar menos el GTA, quien me hace el favor y me lo pasa? 
Oh dios es Yeimyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ahi veo si te paso uno cualquiera xd
isnt this gonna be active players the clan by[DW]Virtus[INA]
Tapan out from dw?
c-bug back byicecube1
[quote author=Shabba link=topic=29626.msg272679#msg272679 date=1448455758]
Would be an unfair advantage, not everyone knows/can cbug
Thats the problem
but there are some people who knows like i know this is useless but useful for know
i didn't know c-bug but know i keep on c-bug accidentally
maybe playing with some pro people could make others pro to in c-bug