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Saludos Jugadores byCRAKstyle
hablemos de la final copa America mejor
[ANGEL] Clan || Questions | proposals | comments byCRAKstyle
YO aquĆ­
como estas roses?
Unban Appeal of: [D]_tareq_[w] byNicki

Proofs were unclear in your previous application.
Unban Appeal of: [D]tareq[W] byShefali

Invalid ingame name. Apply with correct ingame name.
Some fields are not up to mark, kindly fill them properly. You can see all information regarding your ban and post a screenshot of what it says when you try to connect.
[S4S] Clan || Leaving Applications by[S4S]CJ
[quote author=Krisborg link=topic=1031.msg266026#msg266026 date=1435789744]
Hi guys, I'm leaving S4S clan because none is active, I got bored..

Sorry, and good luck, it's been a pleasure.

Bye, soon I will come active ingame and will try to get clan active.
Unban Appeal of: [EF]Feerlois byNicki
[quote author=Feerlois link=topic=28239.msg266108#msg266108 date=1435930534]
[quote author=[M]Natsu[M] link=topic=28239.msg266106#msg266106 date=1435929610]
[quote author=Feerlois link=topic=28239.msg266104#msg266104 date=1435929300]
If I was bugged , would not do anything /explode, you remember that my ping is 350, They shot a 200. But the video is irrelevant , I never insult you.
I need do explode to know If you are bugged or if you have healt hack.
tell "Im not insulting you" dont mean the another one dont will feel insulted.
[/quote]You feel insulted is not my problem , you offended by a virtual text? Child ... for what I said is not an insult.

With that attitude you can remain banned.

Application Rejected.
Unban Appeal of: [SEF]CrAzY_BoY byNicki
Unban Appeal of: [EF]Luis_Box byNicki