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1 Hit Kill IP -
[S4S CZ is closed]

S4S - DeathMatch IP - xxxxxxxxxxxx

Free VIP Enabled

S4S Live Support : Skype ID - swat4samp support

Regarding Unban Applications
If you are banned fairly, then its permanent Ban.
Please Don't waste your time and our time if its fair ban.
NO matter what the ban is. WH, HH, Bulletproof, Aimbot, Ammo, Airbreak.
If you feel your ban is unfair, then apply for it. If proved fair ban then sorry.

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Complaint Taker: [S4S]CJ
Free Clan Support : AMA
Freeze VIP Support : Eagle
Forum Name Changer : Kanur
InGame Name Changer : Shefali
Ban Investigator : emokid


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[Suggestion] Chatbox byNicki
Added to chat messages as well as user list menu.
[Join Application] WickeD_ byGuns.And.Roses
Tengo dudas :/ pero +1
Happy birthday Wizzy by[M]WizZy[M]
thank u
[EF] News & Announcement by[EF]Smokey[2F]
[EF]9bloo9 has leaved the clan.
[Dessert Warriors Application] [EF]9bloo9 by9bloo9
Your In-Game name:[EF]9bloo9
Time Zone:GMT+1
In what clans were you before?:EF
Skype name:i dont have,ill crearte
Do you follow server's rules?:Yes

Skill test

Rate your DM skills(0/10):(7.5/10)
Rate your cbug skills(0/10):(7/10)

What weapons do you like to use?:Deagle,and m4
Have you ever been banned?two times first one is mistake id,and the second i got unban
Language you can speak(english nessecary):arabic and english
Why do you want to join DW?Because this clan is active,and i like it and i think this is good clan for me,i leaved EF because i decided to join DW
Tell us something about your self:my real name is mohammed,and i like to play fifa in the xbox,and i love the school and i want to be a part of this clan
What can you offer to us?Everything that u want
Stats screenshot:
Sorry for the activity,i was banned,ill make it more in a litle time
Memes byGatto.
Unban Appeal of: [EF]9bloo9 by9bloo9
I am unbanned,
Name Change Rules (Read carefully before applying) : LastChange:25 April,2015 byNicki
New rule added:
**Valid Clan Tag Format:
You can add clan tag either as a prefix or as a suffix in square brackets. Round brackets won't be considered. You should not break your clan tag into parts.
Examples of valid clan tags: [BB]shooter , shooter[BB]
Examples of invalid clan tags: [nobbc][B]shooter[B], shoo[BB]ter[/nobbc]