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Regarding Unban Applications:
In short and sweet,
If you are banned fairly, then its permanent Ban.
Please Don't waste your time and our time if its fair ban.
NO matter what the ban is. WH, HH, Bulletproof, Aimbot, Ammo, Airbreak.
No kill reductions and unbanning is entertained.
If you feel your ban is unfair, then apply for it. If proved fair ban then sorry.


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Happy Birthday EzFire byZeppelin
[quote author=[WTF]Federico link=topic=26344.msg249140#msg249140 date=1414305253]
Happy Birthday 
Application To Designer byZeppelin
Applications are Closed
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[Complaint Against] [FODAS20]DIEGOFODA20 by_Kira_
Complaint Against : [FODAS20]DIEGOFODA20
Complaint By : _Kira_
Complaint Reason : Ban Evader (DiegoFodaHacker) and cbug or WH
Server(S4S or CZ or A/D) : Main
Date & Time of the Incident : 25/10/14
Proofs : [youtube]whZRkWf50uQ&[/youtube]
Witness(es) (optional) : N/A
I'm Back by_Kira_
welcome back cheater
In-Game Name Change : [WTF]Thoma$_ byShefali
[quote author=_Kira_ link=topic=26314.msg249123#msg249123 date=1414273350]
sorry shefa for post here.
We remove tag only because we want and not for leave. I always remove it.

I'm not asking for your opinions.

I told that the clan leader must answer whether the player in question is clan member of his clan or not.

I'm giving him 24 hours else this request will be denied.
It is not so hard to answer, I guess.
Accounts doesn't exists in CZ server byMa(D)oG
[quote author=[S4S]CJ link=topic=26339.msg249097#msg249097 date=1414245398]

Happened to me, but I thought it's my own problem Was going to report it, but forgot due to the interest of playing and being busy with education...