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FF Joining App || Niko$ by[M]Medea[M]
[quote author=i$hi_$ato link=topic=29768.msg273833#msg273833 date=1454775174]
When u took that stats' SS?
bcz this map is long GONE

we need "MapMan" here to confirm this

MapMan has succeeded but ServerMan has betrayed us.
Clan Request - [Hermandad Latina] ✓ byKira
I still not in moderators, I hope you do soon.
  • DarthSith, [M]Aventador[M], [WTF]Tahan_div & wizzair Have joined the clan
[ANGEL] Clan || Questions | proposals | comments byGuns.And.Roses
[quote author=[ANGEL]Katch link=topic=10076.msg273777#msg273777 date=1454543973]
[quote author=Guns.And.Roses link=topic=10076.msg273458#msg273458 date=1452615833]
[quote author=[ANGEL]Katch link=topic=10076.msg273449#msg273449 date=1452568328]
[quote author=Guns.And.Roses link=topic=10076.msg273414#msg273414 date=1452361521]
[quote author=[ANGEL]Katch link=topic=10076.msg273406#msg273406 date=1452317452]
Hola compadres y comadres feliz año!

Un dia de estos me conectare lo juro D:
Hola Katch :p
Tus mentiras no tienen limites </3
[/quote] jajajaja hdp
Como osas dañar a mi corazón de tal manera de que no quede sicatris >:c
[/quote]os desis que yo dañeis tu sentimientos cuando te desis que no e podido jugareis estos dias
Por que hablas a lo español D:, Algun dia entraras y yo no estare </3
United Elite Force ||| Discussion Board by$Niko$
I Half Dead Man
[M] VISUALS [M] byKira
With Monster and Thomezz

Spanw Kill e.e

And Stealing in Th3oX's house
Saludos Jugadores byGuns.And.Roses
Soy una amenaza a nivel mundial

PD: Me importa un comino si no se puede postear imagenes de otros juegos.
[ANGEL] Clan || Photos | Screen Captures byGuns.And.Roses