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Regarding Unban Applications:
In short and sweet,
If you are banned fairly, then its permanent Ban.
Please Don't waste your time and our time if its fair ban.
NO matter what the ban is. WH, HH, Bulletproof, Aimbot, Ammo, Airbreak.
No kill reductions and unbanning is entertained.
If you feel your ban is unfair, then apply for it. If proved fair ban then sorry.


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Clan Request [Team Argentina] by_Kira_
[quote author=[EC]Raikou link=topic=25344.msg242750#msg242750 date=1408676593]
[quote author=_Kira_ link=topic=25344.msg242748#msg242748 date=1408676424]
Buena Calidad D: jajajja no se si este mal cambiar el formato, trucho con eso ya que te pueden denegar por el formato Y suerte con el clan hay hacemos alianza entre [MEX] y [ARG] xD

Lo único que hise fue ponerle una portada, barras separadoras, y centre todo lo demás porque se veia horrible xd .

No creo que influya mucho.

Ojala, Te quedo Muy bien, eychdi xD
Suerte y fijate en Fb ya te acepte.
Which song are you listening now? byxCatx






Three of the best 80's songs covered by Tom Cruise



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H _ _ _ _ _ T
can you find it? byxCatx
|\|7|\| 2 |]-(0|)3
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Cats Do Fly


(hint: Arnold Schwarzenegger)
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Potato is actually Doge [T/F]

[quote author=[BL]p0tat0[CCCP] link=topic=459.msg242494#msg242494 date=1408460058]
[quote author=Doge link=topic=459.msg242272#msg242272 date=1408315207]
wow true

doge hungry wow food plez [t/f] gibe now
False, Cat, we know it's you. We're not going to give you food. Go cry somewhere else.

I'm not!