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About us

SWAT4SAMP, is hosted by MadeMan and Saawan. It was started on April 6th, 2010. We had started the Server with the GameMode RolePlay named "IndoEurope4RolePlay" (IERP). And later we switched to deathmatch gamemode, A professional deathmatch server where the game runs between 2 teams, SWAT and TERRORIST with a concept of planting and diffusing bombs. We got a very good response from players for our work on SWAT. We hope all the players Love our Server and Enjoy it as well. Since then we have been devolping the server.

Our Servers

We have 4 samp servers running namely

  • 1. Swat4Samp main server (S.W.A.T.) : swat.swat4samp.in:7844

  • This gamemode is team deathmatch, its two teams SWAT and Terrorist. This server varies different objectives such as, capture the flag, planting bombs / defusing bombs. This server is a professional deathmatching server. In the gamemode, you can play deathmatch or play freeroam and buy cars. To get in freeroam the deathmatching side must have equal players or you cannot enter the freeroam.

  • 2. Swat4Samp - Condition Zero (S.W.A.T. - CZ) : swat.swat4samp.in:7848

  • In this server you are low on health (20hp) and once died you cannot respawn till the round ends.

  • 3. Swat4Samp - Xtreme A/D :

  • This server is scripted by X.K and Matz. This is the attack/defense mode especially made for clan wars.

  • 4. Swat4Samp - Stunt Server :

  • This server is owned by Flow. Scripters are Teo and Sean. The server is under construction At The Moment but the team is updating is everyday until it is fully completed. You can still play on it and it gets better everyday. it was recently collaborated with our community.

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