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Admin Applications for S.W.A.T CZ opened. Preference is given to S4S Main server old players. Rest also can apply, but not sure

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[Application] [M]Winnerswac[M] by[EC]TiestO
Post a screenshot the game.
[2F2F] Clan || Discussions/Suggestions/Feedback by[S4S]CJ
[quote author=Shabba link=topic=15631.msg268907#msg268907 date=1444074677]
[quote author=[S4S]CJ link=topic=15631.msg268873#msg268873 date=1444052663]
Whoever joined clan please have our clan tag to your in-game names, not having tag leads to clan kick. So if you don't have tag please add within 2days after that i will update member list.

I thought this clan was solemly related to the stunt server which is dead now, my question is whats the morale of having the tag if most of us arent doing any form of racing on the main server? I suggest that we should have more championships and events like we used to have in the past.

Added to that when  i was accepted last year my name had the tag and i still didnt get put on the memberlist

I one can't handle everything, so i hired co-leaders I thought they would  take care of clan much but didn't helped me much.

And in past I arranged few racing events in main server, i'm still interested in such things but you people should cooperate me by participating in them

From now i will take care of this clan, sorry for not updating your name in member list. And having clan tag in main server was must in past after they got stunt server I moved there but they didn't keep live for more days, so from now having tag in main server was must.

I even thinking to have new co-leaders for clan, i choose more active and matured members for it.
When will start? by[S4S]CJ
When we get minimum teams, we will stop registration process and proceed to next step that is In-game fights, we will mention everything here so stay tuned.
Unban Appeal of: Funt1k byKira
How we know you will dont do it again?

You did attacked no only the admin, you did attacked the players who didn't anything agaisnt you.

I think hackers maybe can be unbaned, just maybe and is not my decision, but ddosed for me it diserve range ban.

Apply again with the correct in game name.
Show your face :D byKira
Thanks fed
[EC] Ranks & Promotions by[EC]TiestO
[EC]Driftboy has been promoted to Champion member. Rank List Updated 05/10.

Congratz Drift  
S4S Team War Leagues Info - Cash Prize 10 Euros byRockeT_
I am muslim what happen ? :/