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S4S Servers NEW IP's

S4S - S.W.A.T IP -
S4S - Condition Zero IP -
S4S - Stunt IP -

Free VIP Enabled

Regarding Unban Applications:
In short and sweet,
If you are banned fairly, then its permanent Ban.
Please Don't waste your time and our time if its fair ban.
NO matter what the ban is. WH, HH, Bulletproof, Aimbot, Ammo, Airbreak.
No kill reductions and unbanning is entertained.
If you feel your ban is unfair, then apply for it. If proved fair ban then sorry.


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I don't know. Your internet is wierd.

I'll let Nicki check this out.
[Board Mod Change] Add byNicki
You might wanna re-read free clan rules. You can have only two moderators apart from the owner.

Request rejected.